Two more mayoral candidates have dropped out of the civic election race.

Wayne Stewart is no longer seeking the top job, and instead is endorsing Naheed Nenshi.

Stewart, a former business executive who also ran the Calgary Homeless Foundation, never gained much traction in this campaign.

He consistently struggled in the polls, earning less than two per cent of voter support in the most recent survey.

Stewart says he'll be campaigning for Naheed Nenshi, whose popularity has surged in recent weeks.

"I have known Naheed for a while and there is no question that our priorities align, that he understands the concerns of seniors, the importance of the diversity of Calgary, and the need to address issues which impact our social, cultural and human fibre, such as homelessness." added Stewart.

Late Thursday evening, Craig Burrows also pulled out of the race, but isn't saying who, if anyone, he will support.

Bob Hawkesworth dropped out of the race Tuesday, throwing his support behind Barb Higgins.