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Storybook Theatre targeted by a vandal


A community theatre group was the target of a vandal early Tuesday morning.

Someone in a mask threw a large rock through the back door of Storybook Theatre around 4:30 a.m.

The theatre operates out of the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre.

It's the third time the building has been vandalized recently.

Previously, three upper-floor windows were hit by rocks and three laptops were stolen.

It's a big financial blow to the organization, which is already feeling the strain of government arts funding cutbacks.

"It's just this never-ending kind of damage for no particular reason and it's getting to the point where it's hitting us hard and this last one just kind of put things over the top where we just, you know, are at our at our wits’ end," said JP Thibodeau, Storybook Theatre artistic producer.

Damages from recent incidents total $20,000 and the theatre has to pay an $8,000 deductible.

The theatre believes another person with the vandal on Tuesday can be seen videoing the incident in the background. Top Stories

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