Calgary police are working to track down a suspect believed to be responsible for an armed carjacking in the southeast.

Officers were called to the parking lot of a No Frills grocery store on 17 Avenue S.E. at about 7:22 p.m. after a man told them his car had been stolen by an armed suspect.

Police say the man told them he was pulled from his vehicle by an unknown individual. After a short struggle, the victim said his assailant pulled out a baton-like object and struck him with it.

He added he believed the suspect also had a knife.

The culprit then got into the victim's vehicle and drove away, hitting another vehicle in the process.

Police say they found a duffle bag, containing a number of shotgun shells, believed to be left behind by the culprit.

Investigators tell CTV News they have a good idea who the suspect is and expect to make an arrest soon.