Saturday's rally near the steps of Calgary’s municipal building drew a crowd of more than 100 people including participants in the event, counter protestors and members of the Calgary Police Service on hand to keep the peace.

During the rally, organized by the Calgary chapters of two international anti-Islam groups, members waved Canadian flags, sang the national anthem and carried signs with anti-Islam messages.

The group was met by a counter demonstration involving people holding posters that encouraged immigration, opposed discrimination and welcomed refugees.

Uniformed members of the Calgary Police Service stood between the two sides to ensure the shouting did not escalate into violence.

Jason Devine of the Calgary Anti-Fascist Action group says the decision to protest the rally was to expose the hatred behind the event.

“Our goal is to get across, as clearly as possible, that Islamophobia is racism. These people are not theologians, this isn’t a debate about religion, it’s racialized discourse,” said Devine. “The sad fact is, the vast majority of people here, I don’t think they can be reasoned with.”

Devine adds that Calgary has more Islamophobic groups than any other city in Canada and the intolerance should be addressed through peace, unity and education, not violence.

According to Calgary Police Service officials , no arrests were made during the event.