A police expert spoke at the murder trial of Nelson Lugela on Friday, sharing details about some of the evidence found on the accused.

Mylan Hicks, a member of the Calgary Stampeder’s practice roster, died in hospital after he was shot outside the Marquee Beer Market on September 25, 2016.

Lugela, 21, was arrested a short distance away from the crime scene along with two other men, Darwin Conception and Dhia-Al Hag Mohammed.

He is charged with second-degree murder in Hicks’ death.

Conception was cross-examined by the defence on Friday morning after he told the court on Thursday that he saw Lugela had a pistol in his hand after the shooting took place.

He also said that the accused later tossed the gun into a recycling bin in Parkhill where it was recovered by police.

Conception told the court that he heard Lugela say that he was certain that he hit Hicks twice and that he was not going to make it.

Testimony continued on Friday afternoon with Dr. Claude Dalpe, a gunshot residue expert.

Dalpe told the court that while Lugela had gunshot residue on his hand, another one of the men arrested with him had some on his face, making it impossible to determine who fired the fatal shots.

Following Dalpe's testimony, prosecutors called Jamal Nixon, a wide receiver with the Calgary Stampeders, to testify.

He told the court that he saw the accused pull out a handgun, prompting him to run away. A moment later, Nixon said he heard several gunshots ring out.

Nixon said that he then found Hicks lying on the ground and he waited by his side for paramedics to arrive.

The Crown is expected to call its last witnesses on Monday.

The trial is being heard by judge alone.

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