A few residents near Crossfield are taking stock after a tornado moved through the area early Sunday afternoon.

Environment Canada reported that the tornado had 90-130 km/h wind, which qualifies it as an EF-0 tornado.

It was likely a cold-core funnel, which can occur with a stacked low (low pressure conditions near the surface and at 500 mb) and a chillier temperature base aloft. These form from funnel clouds and though they rarely reach the surface, they can be damaging.

At 2:15 p.m. Sunday, this short-lived tornado struck an area two km to the northeast of Crossfield, which destroyed a fifth wheeler. Residents as far away as Airdrie reported seeing the funnel.

storm trailer

Environment and Climate Change Canada also reported hail nearly 25 mm in diameter striking east of Crossfield and near Big Stone, both of which flattened crops, and wind gusts that likely exceeded the tornado’s, gusting to 131 km/h southeast of Morrin.

No injuries were reported but there was some damage to property in the area.