The Royal York Hotel in Toronto decided to allow a 64-year-old Stampeders tradition to continue on Thursday and rolled out the red carpet for Marty the mascot.

Horses first made their way through hotel lobbies as part of the Grey Cup festivities in 1948.

The committee had planned for Marty, a 15-year-old stallion, to walk through the Royal York in downtown Toronto on Thursday morning, but management shut them down citing safety and health concerns.

Royal York management changed their stance and Marty trotted into the hotel on Thursday afternoon.

"We came here in 1948 to start the party with the horse into the royal york and we'd like to see it happen on the hundredth anniversary of the grey cup," said Fletcher Armstrong with the Calgary Grey Cup Committee.

Marty put his hoof to paper and signed the guest book before he left.

The hotel was not the only stop on Marty’s trip through the heart of Toronto’s downtown core. 

The stallion turned heads when he entered the Bank of Montreal headquarters and also wet his whistle at McVeigh's Irish pub.