The University of Calgary has contacted police about a pro-life group that has setup a display on campus.

As it has done for several years, Campus Pro-Life has been responsible for a display called The Genocide Awareness Project. It shows pictures of aborted fetuses and also includes an image of a black man hanging from a tree.

The university says despite efforts to find a reasonable compromise that would give people the option to view, or not to view, the images, CPL will not turn its graphic display signs inward. Campus Pro-Life says the request is an infringement on their free speech.

At this point, campus security has asked the students to turn the signs around.  If the signs are not turned around, security will ask the group to leave.  If they do not leave then they can be charged with trespassing. 

The university says while it will not force the students to talk down the display, it has asked police to use their discretion and issue summonses to those "ignoring the legal notice of trespass, or take other appropriate steps to enforce the directive."

University officials say they are not opposed to taking legal action if the need arises.