Vole holes are starting to pop up in Calgary yards as spring arrives and the little pests are running rampant through several neighbourhoods.

Voles, a small mouse like rodent, seem to be taking over entire communities in the city.

The little critters are tearing up lawns and leaving their tell tale vole highways everywhere.

One of the worst hit areas appears to be the southeast neighbourhood of Cranston.

The small rodents are about half the size of a regular mouse.

They eat root systems and will burrow under plants and lawns to get at them.

The burrows push up the grass and leave clumps and trails of damaged vegetation behind.

Flower bulbs are also a favourite food and gardens are a popular target for voles.

Pest control companies are hopping with vole complaints.

"They cause a lot of damage. The problem with voles is they eat grass, roots, bark off trees that kind of thing. Usually in the winter time when snow is covered over top of the ground they'll get in and start looking for vegetation to eat," said Paul Ziesman from Poulin's Pest Control.

Ziesman suggests bait or mechanical traps to get rid of the voles and adds all parts of the city are having problems with them.

Pest control experts say the best time to deal with an infestation of voles is in the fall.