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West Hillhurst Community Association throws a solar panel party


The West Hillhurst Community Association's carbon footprint may have shrunk a little Sunday.

Representatives from the City of Calgary and the community association itself were on hand, along with a dozen or so residents, to mark the occasion as solar panels were installed on the busy community centre.

Ward 7 councillor Terry Wong was there, saying that the installation was consistent with the community’s commitment to sustainability.

“The West Hillhurst Community Association has been doing this for quite a while,” Wong said, “whether it be from taking a look at this solar talk or the types of things they’ve done around the park, such as (planting) trees and everything else as such.

“But today’s the day,” he added, “that they wanted to celebrate the installation of solar panels, so therefore you can generate electricity as part of the building and save operating costs.”

Julie Impey, the green committee chair of the West Hillhurst Community Association, said the solar panels would give the community a huge power boost.

“This solar panel installation is equivalent power to power 43 houses in our community,” Impey said. “So the energy here is going to be used at the community association and (that will generate) lots of savings.

 “Today we're just getting together to celebrate and raise awareness about solar energy,” she added.

Speakers from Enmax and Solar Alberta were also on hand to offer solar equipment demonstrations at the event.

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