Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo says it's ending its Penguin Walk early due to weather and bird participation.

The zoo announced the early end of its 12th annual Penguin Walk on its website.

"The Penguin Walk operates within strict weather parameters to ensure the safety and comfort of the king penguins during the walk. This year, our teams had to contend with variable weather conditions throughout January and February which caused a series of cancellations," the zoo said.

"The walk is also dependent on the birds' participation – it is a free choice, winter enrichment activity that we're thrilled to offer the colony each year. While naturally curious and inclined to partake in the winter walk, the kings have recently chosen to stay in their outdoor habitat on multiple occasions, possibly influenced by nearby construction activity, suggesting a current preference for familiar surroundings."

The Penguin Walk would normally end around mid-March.

Visitors to the zoo can still see the penguins in their outdoor habitat, weather permitting.

The indoor Penguin Plunge is closed for upgrades until May 16.