With the addition of former Tory MLA Guy Boutilier, the Wildrose Alliance now has official party status in the Alberta Legislature.

Boutilier has been sitting as an independent after being booted out of the Conservative caucus in 2009.

He criticized the government's health care policies in Northern Alberta.

The Wildrose Alliance now has four sitting MLAs in the Legislature and will be eligible for extra funding and can ask questions during Question Period.

The party is holding its annual general meeting in Red Deer this weekend.

Officials also unveiled a new logo for the party.

MRU political scientist Duane Bratt says the Wildrose have to guard against being seen as a party of Tory castoffs.

He is also questioning why no social policies are being debated at this weekend's meeting.

"Not even a proposal was raised on the issue of abortion, same-sex marriage, capital punishment or any of those things. You wonder just how much of this convention is being stage-managed from above."

The convention begins Friday night with a keynote address from leader Danielle Smith.