Officials at Canada Olympic Park have decided to close the ski and snowboard hills on Sunday and Monday because of extremely cold weather.

WinSport says due to forecasted temperatures near -24C on Sunday with a wind chill of -36C, they will be shutting down operations on both hills.

Other areas of the park, such as the Markin MacPhail Centre, Calgary Gymnastics Centre and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame will all remain open.

Further updates on conditions and any closures will be available on the organization’s website.

CTV Weather Specialist Adriana Zhang says the temperatures on both days, when you factor in wind chill, will likely trigger soime extreme cold warnings.

"Extreme cold warnings are issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada when the temperature or wind chill reaches -40 for at least two hours."

She adds that Calgary's seasonal normals during this part of the year are -1C as a high and -13C for a low.

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