Two men will be charged after an alleged incident of golf rage on a course in Strathmore.

The incident happened earlier this week on the 6th hole at the Strathmore Golf Club.

Witnesses say two teens and one adult were golfing together. One of the teenager's shots hit the golf cart of the group ahead. When the teen went over to apologize, two men - whose cart was hit - went after the adult male who was with the teens. The men punched and kicked the adult until he was on the ground.

"There is no golf course in the world where you wouldn't find errant shots. Even Tiger Woods puts it in the rough," says Cpl. Patricia Neely from the RCMP. "It is surprising that an errant golf shot, especially by a teenager, that someone would get so upset."

Fellow golfers agree that the two men went too far. "It was a mistake hitting into the group ahead but it shouldn't escalate any further if there was an apology," says golf pro, Marty Desmaris.

The alleged attackers were arrested at the golf course.

Police say, because of a technical reason, charges have not been laid yet so the identity of the men cannot be released. Police do say they were from Calgary and both are in their forties.