We’re going to be enjoying a bit of a break on Friday, but this summer’s weather could end up breaking the all-time record for the City of Calgary.

Environment Canada says that with the combined temperatures of May, June and July; that were about two to three degrees hotter than average; Calgary is on track for its hottest summer in recorded history.

On average, we see about 23 C, but for the next few days, we’ll see temperatures about three to nine degrees higher.

To make matters worse, odds are we’ll be seeing the same thing in August.

“So when we look at the current seasonal forecast that runs out past into August and into September, it’s showing above normal temperatures that are supposed to persist for Western Canada and in terms of confidence, it looks like its going to be warmer than normal by at least a few degrees,” said Kirk Torneby with Environment Canada.

There is a heat warning in place for Calgary and many other areas of Alberta and Western Canada as a result of the very high temperatures.

Residents are being reminded to limit their outdoor activities and take frequent breaks from the heat if you need to be outside.

There are no specific provincial regulations when it comes to working outside in extremely hot conditions, but there are broad guidelines in place.

Alberta Labour says Occupational Health and Safety Acts require employers to protect workers from all workplace hazards and that includes extreme heat.

CTV Weather Specialist Kevin Stanfield says the heat warning is likely going to remain in place through to next week and there is no clear break in the heat in the near future.

The hot temperatures have also expanded a fire ban in Alberta that now extends south of Red Deer to the north border of Waterton Lakes National Park.

For the full weather forecast, visit our weather page.