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'A really cool moment': Engaged Canadian Olympians reunited at Beijing opening ceremony after 3 months apart


Canadian Olympians Blayre Turnbull and Ryan Sommer are revealing what it was like to reunite at the Beijing 2022 opening ceremony after spending three months apart.

Turnbull, a hockey player, and Sommer, a bobsledder, both competed for Team Canada.

Despite being engaged, they didn't get to see each other while in training camps leading up to the Olympics, spending 90 days apart.

In an interview with CTV News on Thursday, Turnbull described the surreal scene. 

"It was a really cool moment," she said. "Definitely a very special experience for both of us."

"When I walked in (the ceremony) there was a bit of a standing ovation from Blayre’s team,” joked Sommer. “All eyes were on me!”

"I think it was obvious both our dreams were to compete in 2022," said Turnbull. “I don't think we realized how special it would be for both of us to be there until we got to the opening ceremony and saw each other for the first time after being away from each other for so long.”

This year was Turnbull’s second winter Olympics playing for the Canadian women’s hockey team; she helped the team earn silver in 2018 and gold this year.

Beijing did, however, mark Sommer's first winter Olympics.

"When we came down that breaking stretch,” said Sommer. "There's a screen at the very end that will tell you where you finished and I was so scared to look. I finally brought my head up and I knew we secured that bronze medal."

The couple announced their engagement last April, posting a picture to Instagram with Turnbull showing off her new ring. Now, the pair can show off the bling on their fingers, as well as around their necks.

“It feels good to be home,” said Sommer. Top Stories

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