The provincial government is taking issue with the Catholic school board’s idea for a sexual education program for students, one that glosses over homosexuality and contraception.

The government is reworking the K to 12 curriculums and the Council of Catholic School Superintendents, in a letter to Alberta Education obtained by the Edmonton Journal, said it is opposed to a number of changes the province is planning.

“We are unable to teach any outcome that promotes a contraceptive culture,” the council wrote.

It also said it would not teach anything that promotes homosexual relationships or lifestyles ‘contrary to church teaching’.

David Eggen, Alberta’s Education Minister, called the Council’s actions ‘completely unacceptable’.

“20 years ago, same sex marriage was against the law. So lots has changed. We need to make sure we have healthy, accurate information for students around human sexuality. If you don’t have that, you’re looking for health problems [and] you’re looking for psychological problems.”

Premier Rachel Notley, in an interview with the Canadian Press, said that any alternative sex education curriculum created by the Catholic school officials would not be taught.

She added that sex ed classes are available in all provincially-funded schools but parents still have the option to remove their child from those classes.

(With files from Brad MacLeod)