While some iPhone4S users have had a lot of fun asking Apple's assistant app Siri all sort of questions.

Developers from Nashville marketing agency RedPepper dreamt of having a virtual personal assistant that could do more than provide smart comebacks.

They wanted Siri to pour them a beer after a hard day's work.

From that idea, Beeri was born.

Beeri is a robot that, attached to Siri can pour beers in a rather unusual way.

It works by having Siri send a tweet, via text messaging to Beeri's twitter account.

Beeri is enabled with WiFi so whenever it sees a new tweet come through it goes into action.

The action, of course, is to drive full speed ahead into a metal wall with a spike on it.

The beer is then funneled into a glass.

The developers say further work is needed to fine tune the robot before you see Beeris flying across every bar in the known world.

But for now, it's just a fun way to get a real beverage from a virtual assistant.