A doorman says he’s walking away from his part-time gig after gunshots in the workplace left one customer injured and a fellow bouncer with bullet holes through the pocket of his jacket.

“I have got about six years of bouncing under my belt total,” said Spencer Wallace, who had worked for TEN X Nightclub for approximately two and a half months. “I’ve been pepper sprayed and I’ve had knives pulled.”

“A gun is a line that I’ve never crossed before.”

Early Sunday morning, a man approached the TEN X Nightclub and fired three shots into the bar.

“I was standing right by the front doors, probably a foot or two feet away from the glass doors,” recalls Wallace. “We had a lull in customers so I stepped back because I was on pat downs and just, all of a sudden, I heard a loud bang.”

“It was one shot immediately and then two shots right after.”

Wallace said he looked towards the dancefloor where he saw a person fall to the ground. A staff member immediately attended to the man, applying pressure to help control the injury. Another member of the TEN X staff had a bullet travel through the pocket of his jacket where it struck his keys.

Wallace credits his fellow bouncers for jumping on the shooter, preventing him from firing more shots into the club.

“I have nothing but sympathy for the person that was shot but our staff stopped it from being a horrible incident.”

The soon-to-be former TEN X employee says the nightclub's surveillance cameras captured the shooting suspect, armed with a visible handgun, walking towards the bar while pulling his hood over his head. The suspect showed no hesitiation in his actions.

Wallace says he’s done with bouncing after the close call that has left him asking 'what ifs?'.

“I have a day job,” explains Wallace. “I work in an office and I just do this for walking around money.”

“I didn’t think a gun would ever enter the equation.”

Two men, Mohamed Elmi and Mohamed Salad, face charges, including attempted murder. in connection with the shooting.