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Calgary, Lethbridge among communities to receive millions in funding for green initiatives

The federal government is fronting more than $25 million to four municipalities to help implement financing programs for homeowners who want to go green.

Calgary, Lethbridge, Canmore and St. Albert will each receive millions to implement "retrofit financing programs for residential properties," said Jonathan Wilkinson, the federal Natural Resources Minister.

Calgary will receive $15 million, Lethbridge will get $3.8 million, Canmore's allocation is $1.6 million and St. Albert will receive $5 million.

“Climate change has serious implications for our city both now and into the future," said Jyoti Gondek, Calgary's mayor.

"This fund will open the door for Calgarians to make their homes more energy efficient, reduce their carbon footprint and save money."

Calgary's funding portion will help launch the city's Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP), which council passed as a bylaw in December 2021.

It allows homeowners to use the funding for a long list of projects, ranging from high-efficiency boilers, air conditioners or furnaces to smart thermostats and insulation improvements. People would then have to pay back the money used for projects on their own home through their property taxes.

The city says applications for the CEIP are set to open this fall and the program will first be available for residential properties, though non-residential projects may be eligible in the future.

In Lethbridge, the city says it plans to use some of the money to support affordable housing providers with facility improvements.

"The investment from the green municipal fund will ensure we’re able to help residents in our city make real, tangible energy efficiency and sustainability improvements to their homes," said Lethbridge Mayor Blaine Hyggen.

"Thanks to the $3.8 million in grant and loan funding, we’re going to see a reduction in our overall carbon footprint and that supports our environmental responsibility focus as a city council.” Top Stories

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