The City of Calgary will only be getting about another five millimetres of rain on Wednesday, but the rainfall is reminding everyone that the flood season has arrived.

The season typically runs for a month, from May 15 to June 15.

Since the devastating flood of 2013, the city says it has made a number of improvements to the methods of handling runoff, reducing the total flood risk by about 30 percent.

Nonetheless, about 8,000 km2 drains into the Bow River every spring, so Calgarians should be prepared for everything.

“If you are in a zone of risk, having preparations so you can respond quickly and understand what you can do if there is an actual event,” said Frank Frigo with the City of Calgary Water Resources Department. “So, things like having a 72 hour kit, knowing who to call and know how you are going to deal with any risk that might accrue on your property.”

Calgary’s flood risk is currently at the high end of normal.

You can determine your flood risk and learn how to be prepared by going to the city’s website.