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Calgary Zoo announces names for new penguin chicks

Calgary Zoo penguin chicks Antonio (left) and Augustus (right). (The Calgary Zoo/Facebook) Calgary Zoo penguin chicks Antonio (left) and Augustus (right). (The Calgary Zoo/Facebook)

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo has revealed the names of two young members of Penguin Plunge.

The most recently hatched Humboldt chick is named Antonio, a moniker picked for him in a voting contest among zoo members.

Officials say the name is inspired by San Antonio island off the coast of Chile.

The newly named chick can be identified by his gray-toned feathers and lack of a chest stripe.

"You can find him on the beach inside Penguin Plunge," said the zoo in a social media post.

The zoo also announced Monday that a king penguin chick who was previously unnamed will now go by Augustus, after the first emperor of Rome, a name voted on by volunteers.

"His royal floofiness can be identified by his downy brown coat which will keep him warm both inside and outside of Penguin Plunge," said the zoo. Top Stories

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