Byelection candidates in Calgary-Glenmore say the province's climbing deficit is as the forefront of many voter's minds.

At the Liberal campaign office, organizers say the phones have been ringing more often since the government announced the highest budget deficit numbers in 15 years.

Liberal candidate, Dr. Avalon Roberts says people are concerned the Conservatives have no recovery plan. "The commodities market is vulnerable to all sorts of events outside of our control...and this government is making no plan for the future of our children and grandchildren and that is very distressing."

Paul Hinman is the Wildrose Alliance candidate and he believes voters are willing to trade in the Progressive Conservative hold on the seat for a true conservative replacement.

The NDP candidate, Eric Carpendale says voters have a growing distrust of how the Stelmach government is handling the economy.

CTV News tried to talk to PC candidate Diane Colley-Urquhart about Alberta's current financial situation and whether the growing deficit was having an impact on her campaign. We were told she was too busy to speak to us.

The byelection takes place on September 14th.