The City of Calgary’s newest transit station is getting some new decoration.

A new art installation is now being built at the Tuscany LRT station, composed of two, 12 metre high sculptures meant to commemorate the bridge created by the new station.

By Canadian artist Bill Pechet, ‘roger that’, is an artwork that can be enjoyed by both sides. “Like two neighbours chatting over a fence. It is an invitation to experience movement and perception from multiple vantage points, through all seasons and times of day.”

The sculptures will be placed on either side of Crowchild Trail, bridging the communities of Tuscany on one side and Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak on the other.

It will appear yellow by day and will light up at night.

Officials say it’s intended to be a benefit to the enjoyment of transit users and motorists.

It will take about three weeks to install and will not affect the daily commute.

More information is available on the Tuscany LRT Public Art Project page or through 311.