Alberta Health Services confirms it has had to reschedule some surgeries and procedures that were supposed to take place on Friday.  Access to electronic health records has been affected by the fire at Shaw Communications.

Patients have been contacted if they need to be rescheduled.   

AHS has also set up an information line for patients who have questions about upcoming appointments.

1 866 301 2668.

Calgary Lab Services says some non-urgent test results may be delayed and patients will be prioritized.

Communiations throughout the province was impacted by an explosion and fire on the 13th floor of Shaw Court Wednesday and crews are still scrambling to deal with the aftermath.

911 and 311 services are back up, but telephone and internet customers are still dealing with outages around the province.

A number of government websites, as well as some systems that process grants and payments to contracted agencies have been impacted by the explosion and fire.  

There is no online access to Alberta Health Care Insurance plan registration, but people can registered at a registry office, by mail, or fax.

Registry services such as licenses and vehicle registration are unavailable. 

High school transcripts cannot be processed.

The Alberta Works Program has been impacted, so has emergency or medical benefit coverage for AISH clients can be processed through their worker.

Hunting and fish license sales and services are unavailable online.