Constable James Othen received a 90 day intermittent sentence on Monday after being convicted of assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon earlier this year.

Othen was found guilty in February for his role in a July 30, 2016 traffic stop where a suspect was injured while trying to evade police on foot.

The suspended member of the Calgary Police Service will begin his sentence on May 25, 2018 and serve his sentence on weekends.

In the evening hours of July 30, 2016, a traffic stop was conducted in the 6700 block of Macleod Trail Southwest. The driver of the suspect vehicle, 34-year-old Clayton Prince, exited the vehicle and attempted to escape on foot by running through a nearby restaurant.

Officers gave chase and apprehended Prince in a physical takedown. According to Prince, the officers punched and kicked him and he suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a cut to his face and bruising. While Prince was in custody, Othen proceeded to dig the point of a key into a spot behind Prince’s ear.

Two other CPS members were charged in connection with the apprehension of Prince but were acquitted.