A Calgary coalition aimed at stopping sexual assaults has launched a series of provocative news ads.

The Don't Be That Guy campaign is a Sexual Assault Voices of Calgary (SAV) initiative and is aimed at young men between 18 and 24.

"If they think that they can get away with it, they're wrong. I'm hoping reporting will increase. And for these men, out there with their buddies, it's up to you to give that tap on the shoulder and inform your buddy when he's making inappropriate advances at an inappropriate time, to remind him is it worth going to jail?" said Calgary Police Chief, Rick Hanson.

The ads feature powerful language and graphics and the goal is to raise public awareness about alcohol related sexual assaults.

The focus of this campaign is different in that it targets the actions of the offender, not the behavior, and holds them accountable.

The campaign recognizes that it is the offenders themselves who are responsible for changing their behaviors.

The ads highlight the message that someone who is incapacitated by alcohol or drugs cannot give consent and sex without consent is considered sexual assault.

"In the public discourse around sexual assault, there exists a hierarchy of blame when talking about the person who has been sexually assaulted. We make judgments about what we think are right and moral in the world and in doing so often blame the victim for the assault," says Danielle Aubry, Executive Director at Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse. "But it is important to recognize that even though we may not always agree with how someone dresses, or the behaviors that they partake in, these do not negate the fact that all individuals deserve safety and security in their communities and their homes."

The campaign will see posters displayed in bars, clubs, LRT platforms, inside buses and CTrains, and inside some schools and universities.

The goal of the poster is to encourage men not to be 'that guy'.

In 2010, 62 percent of sexual assaults investigated by the Sex Crimes Unit in Calgary involved a victim who was incapacitated by alcohol or drugs.

For more information, visit the SAV website.