A massive snowfall in early October may have been a pleasant surprise to some people in Calgary, but to officials at a sanctuary devoted to nursing farm animals back to health, it’s been quite a burden.

The Alice Sanctuary, in Wheatland County, currently has about 100 animals, including cows, geese, sheep, goats and llamas.

Its work is supported through ticket sales for tours of the facility, but when early snow cut those short, organizers knew they were going to be up against it.

To make matters worse, they’re also suffering under the extremely high cost of feed.

“The funds we did raise goes directly into our hay and bedding so that’s where everything has been siphoned into,” says Janneane Madil with the Alice Sanctuary.

Madil says they are now forced to stretch the rest of their funds to cover the various other costs.

She says the Alice Sanctuary won’t stop accepting animals in need of help, but the high costs have prompted them to ask for donations to help keep things running smoothly.

“When it all hits at the same time, there’s no preparation for that. Everybody was in the same boat, we just don’t know what to do. Our hands are just tied and that’s why we have to make the request for assistance for help.”

For more information on the Alice Sanctuary including how to help, you can visit the official website.

(With files from Kevin Green)