A grade three class from Olympic Heights School has moved its classroom to the Winsport arenas to take in the action of the 2012 World Sledge Hockey Challenge.

The seven and eight year old students have been learning about all kinds of persons with disabilities.

The kids spent one day blind folded, another with only the use of their left arm, and one more day not speaking.

At the rink, they were exposed to the great achievements made by the sledge hockey players from Canada and Norway.

The athletes showed the kids that having a disability doesn't have to stop you from doing what you want and doing it well.            

“It’s about always trying, doing their best and that's why this is such a great example just so the kids can see that these guys are playing a sport that they love and traveling the world and competing with elite competition. It's just so inspirational for the kids,” said Olympic Heights Teacher, Jon Mitchell.

The students also spent some time talking to the players and many even signed some autographs for the kids.

In the end, Canada won the game 4-1.