Graham James, the former junior hockey coach who was convicted of molesting several of his players, has been granted day parole.

During his parole hearing, he told the board that, in his mind, he posed zero risk to reoffend and understood the distorted thinking that led to his crimes.

The board said that he still needed to work on some aspects, including his empathy, but that that work could be completed in the context of a halfway house.

James, 63, was almost finished serving a five year sentence for sexual assault when another victim came foward with their report of abuse.

He was sentenced to another two years in jail for that assault, which took place while he was serving as coach of the Swift Current Broncos between 1990 and 1991.

In 1997, James pleaded guilty to over 300 counts of abuse involving former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy and another player.

Earlier this month, Kennedy accepted an apology from the mayor of the City of Swift Current.

Jerod Schafer wrote a statement in the Globe and Mail where he said the community is doing all it can to ensure abuse like this never happens again.

When asked about the apology, Kennedy said that he is proud of the city's pledge.

(With files from CTV News' Genevieve Beauchemin)