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Fort Calgary's award-winning garden to return after 5-year hiatus

Sod replaces garden at Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary will be returning to its roots by reopening its garden for the first time since it was plowed over five years ago.

Officials say the decision was made to replant the garden, located at the northeast section of the historic site, in order to support new programming that involves Indigenous food practices and permaculture concepts.

Staff says the plot will be used to grow native perennials, hardy vegetables and "other plants with cultural and historical significance" to Calgary.

The restoration of the garden, which has won awards, was a high priority for Fort Calgary's president Jennifer Thompson.

She adds there was a lot of heartbreak when the facility removed the garden because plans of new construction at the site, which never took place after all, interfered with the garden's location.

"It's no secret that folks were hurt when the garden was bulldozed in 2018 – of course they were. Public support and input are everything for the future of Fort Calgary, and reviving the garden is one aspect of our plans to mend and strengthen relationships with the community," Thompson said in a statement.

While the plots in the 900-square-metre space will no longer be handed out for individual use, volunteers are still invited to come work in the revitalized soil.

As before, all the produce from the garden will be donated to local charities.

Members of the public are also allowed to visit the site at any time and enroll in the many youth and public education programs.

Volunteer recruitment is ongoing and detailed plans for the garden will be released on April 22.

Further details and ways how to donate to support the garden can be found online. Top Stories

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