The area around Eagle Lake, northwest of Calgary near Banff National Park, has been closed after a grizzly bear was seen near an animal carcass.

The sighting was reported July 15 and the closure will remain in effect until July 22.

“This is a reminder of the importance of being BearSmart while recreating in bear country,” reads a release from the province.

“Although serious attacks are rare, you should always be cautious and alert when enjoying the outdoors.”

If you encounter a bear in the wild, follow these tips to avoid a conflict:

  • Do not run. Stay calm. Stay with your group and keep children close. Assess the situation.
  • Look around. If you see cubs or an animal carcass, the bear will want to protect them. If you see either, back away from them.
  • Prepare to use your bear spray.
  • Back out. Leave the area the way that you came. Keep your eye on the bear without staring at it aggressively.
  • Watch for a place to hide. As you back away, seek out a place of safety, such as a car or building.
  • Speak to the bear in a soft, low voice. Let the bear know that you are human and not a prey animal.
  • Use your noisemaker and prepare to defend yourself with bear spray.