Calgary's motorcycle community gathered Sunday afternoon in honour of a member who was killed in a crash on Thursday.

Riders YYC identified the 25-year-old man, who was killed on Thursday when his motorcycle collided with a van in southeast Calgary, only as David, but said he excited to be joining the community.

"He was just starting out," explained Trinity Chehade. "We just talked two weeks ago about how he was getting on his feet and things were going well for him."

A convoy of riders from across the province met at Peter's Drive-In before heading south to the crash site, at Midlake Boulevard and Midpark Boulevard SE, where they stood for a moment of silence.

A ghost bike was donated on David's behalf as well.

Event organizers said they hope the crash will serve as a reminder to all motorists to be vigilant on the roads.

"Every time he got off his bike and went to get back on his bike, he'd get down on one knee first and do his prayers," Ali Chehade recalled.

"No matter what situation it was, once he got his legs off his bike and he was going to go back to get on it, he'd get down on one knee and pray."

The 39-year-old woman driving the van in the collision was not injured. Police continue to investigate.