CALGARY -- It’s been a devastating few weeks inside the McKenzie Towne Continuing Care Centre, and some believe things are about to get worse.

The longterm care home in Calgary has been hit hard by COVID-19. This weekend, family members of those inside are asking for help.

Shauna Parks, whose mother is inside and currently battling COVID-19, says she thinks workers inside need reinforcements.

"There’s not enough staff in that home right now," Parks said. "We’re trying to remain hopeful but it’s really hard when you see what’s going on outside."

Parks and three other families CTV News spoke with Sunday say they're completely impressed with the workers inside.

They thank those putting their lives on the line to help loved ones, but all three families agree they need added bodies.

Revera sent a statement Sunday.

"Twenty new staff, including nurses, health care aides, and culinary, recreation, housekeeping and administrative staff have been hired to work at McKenzie Towne this week. We continue to recruit for staff to meet the higher staffing demands of outbreak management."

Parks still believes Revera could do more.

She thinks some of the milder cases of the virus in the home aren’t getting enough attention because health workers need to focus on more advanced cases.

She believes if more steps aren’t taken soon, the outbreak inside could get worse.

"Every report that comes out saying there’s more deaths, I’m numb."

Revera tells CTV News as of Sunday afternoon, the centre has 52 residents and 39 staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Ten residents in the centre have died.