City officials are left wondering what to do after a number of illegal cabs were found on Calgary streets this New Year’s Eve, and made lots of money from revelers looking for a ride.

Waiting for taxis has always been an issue in the city during the holidays or busy times like during the Stampede, and some Calgarians decided to take matters into their own hands and offer partiers a way home, without going to one of the standard taxi companies.

Some of those people even went as far as to post ads online, offering a ride home for a price.

One driver said he took home $900.

The problem with these cabs is that they’re illegal and create a real problem in terms of insurance.

The City of Calgary has said before that they won’t licence more taxis because the demand on New Year’s Eve and other holidays isn’t the same as the rest of the year.

Councillor Shane Keating says there needs to be a compromise about these cabs.

“Can it be that a legal plate holder could deputize a vehicle that’s safe – and a driver - and put them under their insurance just for that one night, therefore you could double the number of cabs instantly for one night?”

The city hasn’t said anything else about the issue, but some revelers this year were fed up with the official cab service.

Some say they were left waiting for several hours for a ride, while others say they were refused rides by picky cab drivers.

The city estimates there were about 1,500 taxis on the road on December 31.