Priscilla Popilchak has a special knack for connecting with kids.

The retired school teacher volunteers with Child Find Alberta.

Popilchak visits various schools in Calgary, sharing advice with kids about how to keep themselves safe from child predators.

She talks about missing children, and gets kids thinking about what they can do in an emergency.

"We've had quite a few different incidents around schools where children have been followed, and they have come into the school, and then the police have been contacted." she says.

Popilchak is known for her caring nature, and for how quickly she connects with kids.

"She captivates those children within one minute of her being up there. it is absolutely amazing." Says Child Find Volunteer Coordinator Erica Armstrong.

"I was pretty nervous when I walked into my first presentation, just kind of what the reaction of the kids would be like, but Priscilla just had them captivated from the word go."

Her deep love and concern for the well-being of children has earned Popilchak a prestigious award.

Volunteer Calgary honoured Popilchak with its Volunteer in Profile award as part of this week's National Volunteer Week.

Rewards aside, it's empathy for missing children that keeps Popilchak volunteering. "Oh my heart just drops to the bottom of my feet when I hear a child is missing. Right away I want to know what can I do, how can I help? Can I help look for them? What can I do?"

For all she does to help Calgary children keep safe, Priscilla Popilchak is our Inspiring Albertan this week. And Volunteer Calgary