Just a day before a group of Calgary homeowners were set to publicly call out their insurance company for denied claims, the company has stepped up.

TD Insurance Meloche Monnex now says it will be helping flood-affected homeowners with coverage.

Last week, some homeowners complained that their companies were denying claims for damage due to sewer backups.

Residents in Elbow Park and Rideau/Roxboro met at noon on Tuesday to discuss their concerns and options.

A spokesperson from TD Insurance says the company will review all denied claims in the coming days.

The news is a relief for many who are struggling to come up with funds to cover damages.

"But we are now covered to our ceiling in our basement for our alloted coverage. It still won't cover it all but that's okay, we're covered," said Cassandra Murray.

The Insurance company posted an updated notice on its website saying:

TD Insurance Meloche Monnex recognizes that this is a very difficult time for everyone affected by the recent flood event in Southern Alberta.

Our insurance representatives are currently working with our customers, on an individual basis, to review and assess damages caused by this event, including sewer backup damages.

Recognizing the extent of the devastation and the hardship that many of our customers are experiencing as a result of the flooding, TD Insurance Meloche Monnex will pay sewer backup losses from this event according to the endorsement and its limit. Our insurance representatives will be reaching out to affected customers in the next few days.

Alongside insurance payments, further financial support for flood victims may be available through the Alberta Emergency Management Agency’s disaster recovery program, so Albertans may get the full measure of financial support they need to rebuild

Those who have not heard from the insurance company will likely be contacted soon as TD says it is still in the process of reaching out to its affected customers.