A Calgary high school student is bringing his love of music to Calgary seniors.

Kevin Lin, a Grade 12 student at Webber Academy, founded InterCal Music after volunteering at a senior home and noticed how much the residents liked to interact with teens.

Lin is a violinist with the Calgary Youth Orchestra and while many residents like to attend concerts he learned that wasn’t always possible.

“Since we thought it was difficult for them to go to the concerts themselves we took the initiative to bring the concert to them,” says Lin.

Lin got busy recruiting his fellow performers in the Calgary Youth Orchestra who spread the word among their friends which led to a website and calls to other Calgary high schools and discussions with band teachers.

“When they come to a performance and they see the smiles on their faces it’s pretty clear they’re making a true impact on the community and that’s why they join InterCal,” says Lin.

Sunday night the students performed at United Active Living Garrison Green in Southwest Calgary and the residents proved to be an enthusiastic and supportive audience.

“It’s a privilege for the residents have them here,” says Bob Wolfe. “I like to see the instruments and it’s nice to see the young people from the high school doing their thing.”

“I thought it was fabulous. It’s always a joy to see such talented young people who care to share their talent with us,” says Alexis Beddoe.

“I think it’s wonderful. I think performing gives you a bit of pizzazz and once you’ve got it seeing the audience react with great joy because the music sort of transports you,” says Mary Fenwick who said her grandmother used to play many of the songs the students performed.

“Our residents were right with them. The generosity of the students to come in and share their talent; it’s a very supportive audience for young people to get used to performing,” says Jill LaForty the music director for United Active Living Inc.

InterCal has performed at several senior homes around Calgary but there is a demand for more.

"The count is at least 12 right now  we're just trying to expand everywhere but we're going to need more members to so, so right now the goal is to attract as many members as possible," says Lin.

Contact InterCal Music to book a performance or offer your musical talents.