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'It's horrific': Calgary house explosion injures 10 people


Ten people were injured in an explosion in Calgary on Monday that completely destroyed one home and damaged 10 more.

Firefighters were called to 783 Maryvale Way N.E., in the community of Marlborough, at around 8:50 a.m. by those in the neighbourhood who felt the blast.

Most of those who were injured are believed to have been from the home where the explosion occurred, according to the Calgary Fire Department. 

"Paramedics did transport a total of 10 individuals to local hospitals," said Adam Loria, Calgary EMS spokesperson. "I can confirm that there were no children involved, all were adults."

Loria says six of the 10 were considered to be in life-threatening condition, while the remaining four were in non-life-threating condition.

"Though they did sustain serious injuries as well," he added.

Calgary fire chief Steve Dongworth says in addition to leveling the home where the explosion occurred, two other homes caught fire and eight more were damaged. 

"It's horrific, thinking about what that was like for the residents of the home and the surrounding homes in this community. (It's a) terrible event, and it's shocking."

At the height of the fire department's response, Dongworth says 21 apparatus were on scene.CCTV footage shows the moment an explosion happened in Calgary on Monday, March 27, 2023. (Viewer)


"It looked like the house just blew up," said area resident Chelsea Todd, who was one of the first to run over to help.

"We just started grabbing people. There was a gentleman, we put him on the sidewalk, and we were trying to ask him if there were more people in the house, but he didn't speak English, and he was just crying and screaming."

"We noticed more cries, there were two gentlemen that were … Trying to crawl out of the basement."

Todd says it was then that the house next door caught fire.

"And there was a lady who was stuck in there, so we were trying to break the window of the house because she couldn't get the door open."

Todd says after that, she rushed to another house and helped the man inside get out safely.

Crystal Cole, who lives nearby, says she was in the washroom with her youngest son when the explosion shook their house.

"I thought something hit my house, we didn't know exactly what it was," she said.

"I was so scared, I honestly thought something hit my house – that's how loud it was, that's how bad it was."

Cole said she looked outside expecting to see a car had struck her residence, but there was nothing there.

"It was scary, scared all my kids."

Craig Chandler, who lives a block and a half away, says he was watching TV in the basement when the explosion happened.

"I actually thought something landed on my roof. The power went out immediately," he said. 

"Next thing you know, we heard fire trucks coming, and then I went out on my front lawn and saw the smoke and everything. I could see the flames from my house."Calgary emergency crews were called to an explosion and house fire in the community of Marlborough on Monday, March 27, 2023.

Enmax shut down power to the area and ATCO shut down the natural gas line.

Fire crews at the scene say they believe that everyone inside the home was able to get out safely, but they have not yet managed to reach the basement of the source home.

The CFD expects to remain at the scene overnight.

The fire department is asking anybody who has video, photos or information on the incident to email

Calgary police say arson investigators will be working closely with the Calgary Fire Department to determine if the fire is criminal in nature.

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