CALGARY -- Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is continuing to advocate for the federal government to act in the wake of the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Trudeau calling for economic reparation and financial compensation.

In a letter posted to social media Friday morning, Kenney called the U.S. administration's cancellation of the pipeline "a clear violation" of investor-protection provisions in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

"The United States is setting a deeply disturbing precedent for any future projects and collaborations between our two nations," Kenney wrote in the letter.

He says the TC Energy project needs to be at the top of the priority list when it comes to Canada's relationship with the newly inaugurated Biden administration.

If the project cannot be reinstated, Kenney is calling for the Canadian government to pressure the U.S. for financial compensation for both Alberta and TC energy for money spent on the project.

"At the very least, I call upon the government of Canada to press the U.S. administration to compensate TC energy, and the Government of Alberta, for billions of dollars of costs incurred in the construction of Keystone XL to date," the premier wrote.

"These costs were incurred on the assumption that the United States has a predictable regulatory framework, and based on the presidential permit authorizing the Keystone XL border crossing which was installed in the summer of 2019."

U.S. President Biden cancelled the Keystone XL permit on his first day in office in an executive order, which was something he promised during his campaign.

"The fact that it was a campaign promise makes it no less offensive. Our country has never surrendered our vital economic interests because a foreign government campaigned against them," Kenney wrote.

Kenney hopes that the government of Canada will be able to bring discussions about the pipeline back to the table.

"It is in our mutual interest to develop an agreement that will enable a path to export Alberta and Canada's most valuable commodity while providing the US with a source of reliable energy produced to the highest environmental standards."

If the American government is unwilling to discuss the project further, Kenney asks the federal government to stand up for Canadians and do more than express disappointment.

"Just as your government stood up for Canadian aluminium and steel workers when faced with an unfair US tariff in 2018, it is imperative that you take action for the thousands more workers in the energy sector and their vast contributions to the Canadian economy."

PM Justin Trudeau will speak with Biden in a call Friday afternoon.

The Canadian portion of the pipeline was previously under construction, starting last year.

TC energy cut more than 1,000 jobs earlier this week when the pipeline cancellation was announced.