A local group of golfers has raised over a million dollars for the Children’s Wish Foundation, one of many charities that needs help to provide for their clientele.

Three-year-old Colleen Pomkoski was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and has qualified for a Disney cruise courtesy of the Children’s Wish Foundation. She is so excited she is even making progress with her walking.

“It has just given her that internal drive to do things that we were told she would never do,” said her mother Penny Binda.

The Alberta chapter will grant over 150 wishes this year, but it’s hard work. The economic crash means fewer people are able to donate to charities, and many of those who still can are helping with the crisis in Fort McMurray.

That’s where third party fundraisers come in. One of them is made up of former Prince Edward Island businessmen who formed a hockey fun league here in Calgary. Every year, they hold the PEI Rum Runner’s annual golf tournament, and have managed to raise a million dollars for the charity.

"Over those 10 years PEI Rum Runners have become the single largest contributor to both Children's Wish Alberta and Children's Wish PEI and I think that's one of the things we are most proud of,” said Dennis Carmichael, one of the members.

And it makes a big difference, with one third of the donations coming in from third party fundraisers like this.

“They volunteer their time, they volunteer their efforts, and they volunteer their knowledge and they're crucial for helping us to get out there and meet donors,” said Rhys Dowbiggin, Children’s Wish Foundation.

This year's charity golf tournament is on June 16th and there are still some spots available.

For more information email peirumrunnersgolf@gmail.com