Hundreds gathered in Calgary on Thursday for a service to remember the Lall family.

On May 28th, Joshua Lall killed his wife Alison, his two daughters Kristin and Rochelle, as well as the downstairs tenant Amber Bowerman, before killing himself. His one-year-old daughter, Anna, was the only survivor.

The memorial service was held at Centre Street Church and was filled with family and friends.

They shared touching stories of the family, remembering Josh and Alison as cheerful and devoted parents who loved their children.

But along with the memories, friends also talked about mental illness. "We are here today because of a medical condition, not unlike a heart condition. But unlike heart disease, stroke, or diabetes, many of us don't know what the warning signs or risk factors are," said Katherine Kavanaugh, a family friend.

Pastor Miriam Mollering said instead focusing on blame and anger, the families have set a remarkable example of love and support. "It's when people are pulling together in the same direction, that's how you get through the tough times rather than pulling against each other," said Mollering.

The Dalhousie Community Centre is collecting letters about the Lall family in hopes of creating a book of memories.

The book will be given to the Lall and the Fisher families to eventually give to Anna when she is older.

Everyone is welcome to submit a letter. All you have to do is send your letter to:

Dalhousie Community Centre

Attn: Book of Memories

5432 Dalhart Road, N.W.

Calgary, AB

T3A 1V6

Letters can also be emailed to:

Submissions will be accepted until September 8th.