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Mid-week dip in temperatures with more rain in the forecast


Tuesday started with some dense fog in portions of Calgary.

The mixture of a saturated ground plus normal overnight evaporation and minimal winds meant that the air closest to the surface reached maximum saturation created pockets of thick fog.

Winds are expected to remain fairly mild for most of the day Tuesday so that fog will mix out once the incoming solar radiation starts to warm the surface again.

Southern Alberta is the stuck between a cold low complex in Saskatchewan and an incoming cold low from northern B.C., resulting in a day of instability Tuesday before a colder day on Wednesday.

Rain and non-severe thunderstorms are possible in and around Calgary later on Tuesday, with rain expected to be more persistent on Wednesday.

While the temperature will warm up after Wednesday, it will be another five or six days before Calgary sees a seasonal daytime high.

The overnight lows will hover just above seasonal (4 C), however some low-lying communities or areas outside of the city might edge closer to the freezing mark. Top Stories

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