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St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor brings Ukrainian community together on second anniversary of Russian Invasion


People came together at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor Sunday, lighting candles for soldiers and innocent people who have died since the invasion broke out.

"We are still fighting for independence, for the actual existence of Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian nation,” said Parish Council President of St.Vladimir’s Orthodox Sobor, Olga Matsula.

“This is a day when we are coming in unity to show support for the people in Ukraine who are fighting against Russia.”

Parishioners who attended Sunday service prayed for the country to stay strong and defend its land. One of those who attended is Iryna Patlatiuk, whose family is still in Ukraine.

“It was my first year when I was so far and long without my family,” said an emotional Patkatiuk.

She came to Calgary from the central region of Ukraine last February. In addition to commemorating the second anniversary of the war, she reflected on her time in Canada.

“Here I have a lot of friends, met a lot of Canadians with Ukrainians roots and these people have such big hearts,” she said.

Andrii Lekhan was another Ukrainian who attended the service. He was fighting in the invasion until last spring. He was discharged from the military in November and is now studying at the University of Calgary.

“It’s very challenging thinking about all the people who are still fighting in the trenches,” said Lekhan. “It’s very hard for me to think about that still.

“People usually think that the war ended. It’s still very heated recently we lost one major town … People just need to reflect on that a little more and get updated on the news.”

The Parish has helped close to 19,000 Ukrainian newcomers since the war broke out. Top Stories

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