In an attempt to attract visitors to, and increase exposure for, their community, the Town of Okotoks adopted a summer catchphrase but the selection received more ridicule than praise.

The slogan ‘There are a number of things to do in Okotoks’ was immediately criticized following its release on the town’s social media accounts. Responses included memes mocking the phrase and photoshopped tongue-in-cheek slogan suggestions.

Shane Olson, the Town of Okotoks’ economic development manager says the much ridiculed phrase was taken out of context.

“A ‘number of things to do’ was purposely planned,” explains Olson. “If you think of origami, the fortune tellers back when we were in school, there's a little number, so the actual slogan was ‘Let your summer unfold in Okotoks" so when you unfolded the flap, behind one of the numbers, there is something you can do in Okotoks"

The slogan was designed by Ad Maki, a marketing firm based in Bragg Creek.

Heather Vanaalst, owner of a coffee shop in Okotoks, finds the slogan to be an embarrassment.

“I think it's poor publicity if we are being made fun of and that's what's happening. They’re making fun of us in Toronto, in the National Post!”

The Town of Okotoks is embracing the newfound attention and is considering awarding a prize to the person who creates the best ‘fun’ slogan using the hashtag #thingstodoinokotoks.

The summer slogan will soon give way to its autumnal counterpart. The town’s seasonal branding is scheduled to change on September 29.

The seasonal slogans do not interfere with the town’s official motto of ‘Historic past, sustainable future’.

With files from CTV's Jamie Mauracher