CALGARY -- Calgary's Mount Royal University now has a new program for students interested in managing esports events.

Esports is a billion dollar business where video games are played at an organized, professional-level involving competitors, individuals or teams competing for prizes and championship titles.

According to MRU, the certificate’s four courses will offer practical communications and project management skills tailored to planning and executing an esport event.

"Esports is an exploding segment of entertainment requiring trained professionals," said Brad Mahon, Ph.D., dean of the faculty of continuing education and extension. "With this program, students can go behind the scenes to get the management skills needed to be successful in an esports enterprise.

"The instructors are passionate about esports and active in the esports community. Each one brings to the program years of experience in the field. They are excited to share their knowledge with our students."

This certificate is in partnership with the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education.

"We developed the first professional esports certificate program in the world in 2018, have hundreds of graduates and provide students with a chance to bridge into the field and be a part of this exciting community in a unique way. UCI is delighted to partner with a reputable university like MRU to educate the next esports professionals in Canada," said Stephane Muller, director of business and technology programs at UCI.

Program instructors say it is a great opportunity for students interested in becoming leaders in an emerging industry rapidly growing.

"As esports grows in Alberta, it is creating opportunities to establish a proactive and sustainable ecosystem of businesses and communities to meet the growing demands," said Victor Ly, an MRU esports program instructor and co-founder of the Alberta Esports Association.

he program’s overview course begins Sept. 7. More information can be found online.