If you're a movie buff or looking for a Halloween costume, there is a must-see sale underway at a warehouse called Momentum Design.

It is run by award winning costume designer, Wendy Partridge.

For the first time, Partridge is opening her warehouse to the public to sell some unique items she will never use again.

The 10-thousand square foot warehouse has as many as a million costume pieces from movies shot all around the world.

You could pick up a piece worn by Annette Bening, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner or even Sidney Poitier.

Some of the more distinctive pieces are only available for bid on eBay.

Some are showing up to buy, but many, like Eldon Ohlinger, are just taking advantage of the opportunity to see the collection.

"I'm just looking around. Our daughter and son-in-law came here and they bought a few Indian artifacts. They asked us to come along, and we came along. There are some interesting items here."

Janice Clark was in awe of what she saw at the warehouse on Saturday.

"I think it's really cool to see that movies, international movie stuff, was made here in Alberta and here in Canada and we can actually touch and see and feel it."

The sale runs until Friday, October 31st.

Momentum Design is located at 15 Commercial Drive, which is across the street from Calaway Park

For more information call 403-720-2929.