A brand new park, which contains the newest piece of public art in Calgary, is officially open.

Barb Scott Park is named in honour of one of the longest serving councillors in the city.

Scott, who served as representative for Ward 8 for 24 years, died earlier this year.

The park is also home to the city's newest art installation.

The sculpture, called the Chinook Arc, is the centerpiece of the park.

The Chinook Arc, created by an artist based in Tucson, is interactive and can change colour with a simple wave of the hand.

Public art has always been a hot button issue in Calgary, mostly due to related costs.

The Chinook Arc cost $370,000, significantly cheaper than Traveling Light, the nearly $500,000 big blue circle visible on a bridge in northeast Calgary.

Only time will tell if the Chinook Arc will resonate with Calgarians.

A community celebration is planned at the park on Friday evening.