A review is underway to determine whether a detective with the Calgary Police Service will keep his job.

On Friday, Det. Travis Dunkle was acquitted on charges of impaired driving after a judge ruled his rights were violated and the arresting officer didn't have cause to demand a breath sample.

It is the third time Dunkle has faced a criminal charge.

Three years ago, he was arrested near Didsbury for refusing a breathalyzer after crashing into a semi.

He pleaded guilty, was fined more than 900 dollars and lost his licence for a year.

A few months later, he was charged with unlawfully obtaining transportation by false pretenses in Sylvan Lake.

It was alleged he took a taxi ride while off-duty but didn't pay the fare. The Crown later withdrew the charges.

An officer with the Calgary Police Service can't be fired without an internal hearing.

Chief Rick Hanson says Dunkle's court and disciplinary record will be taken into account during the hearing.

He could be allowed back on the job, reprimanded, or dismissed outright.

The head of the police union says Dunkle has complied with an addiction program but a criminologist says the officer may have already been convicted in the court of public opinion.

The internal hearing could take months. Until a decision is rendered, Dunkle will remain suspended with pay.