A new poll released on U.S. Election Day shows that there is strong support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton north of the border and, if Republican Donald Trump does win, Americans shouldn’t get an easy ride into Canada.

The survey, conducted by Mainstreet/Postmedia, says that Clinton would win a massive majority of the popular vote in Canada.

“Over three quarters of Canadian women would support Hillary Clinton compared to just 15 percent who indicated they would support republican candidate Donald Trump. Among Canadian men, almost six in 10 would vote for Clinton (58 percent) while just two in 10 would vote for Trump (20 percent),” said Quito Maggi, President of Mainstreet Research in a release.

Also in the survey, more respondents in Alberta said they would vote for Trump (26 percent) but Clinton would still win a majority with 62 percent.

In the possibility of a Trump win, many Americans have voiced their intentions to move to Canada, but Maggi says only a small percentage of respondents want to see their neighbours south of the border have an easier time moving here.

“While many American may jokingly or seriously be contemplating moving to Canada if Trump wins - it’s not as easy as they may think. Canada’s immigration system is very generous but Americans would have to apply just like anybody else, and would only be offered permenant residency if deemed appropriate.”

On the streets of Calgary, people have mixed opinions about the candidates in the race.

One woman is convinced that Donald Trump isn't the right choice for Americans.

"Donald Trump is kind of a dolt. I honestly don't know. I am glad that the U.S. president has a lot of checks and balances. They can't control a lot of stuff internally."

Another man agreed that Clinton would be the better choice to have as a leader.

"It would definitely be for Hillary Clinton. I think Donald Trump's policies are just a bit outlandish. I just can't see him being the leader of the free world.

He also said that he feared that stocks would be affected in the wake of a Trump win.

One man that CTV spoke with says that Trump, despite everything that's been said, is the right choice.

"I tend to be more Conservative, so I would probably vote for Donald Trump. I am more concerned about the debt and the implications about the debt, for the fiscal responsibility."

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